Sunday, 1 January 2012

To New Beginnings

It's the 1st of January 2012. Really? 2011 went so incredibly fast. And so much has happened. 
  • I did the Leaving Cert
  • I finished school
  • I wrote music
  • I learned to drive (kind of!)
  • I got my exam results
  • I got into college to do my dream course
  • I moved out
  • I've made so many new friends
  • I started nursing
  • And I started a blog where I can write about it all. :)
It was a pretty big year! So now for 2012. Every year, there's a big hype about new years resolutions, and about a week into the new year, they are forgotten for the most part. I am one of the worst offenders! I think the problem is that the goals people make for themselves focus on cutting out the bad things- but the bad things they try to cut out are often things that they love! They try to be healthier, to cut out fizzy drinks and junk food, to quit smoking, to lose weight, etc etc. And these are good things to try to bring into our lifestyles! But they are often unrealistic, and they get packed away with the Christmas decorations until the following year when they're dragged out again. 

This year, I won't fall into the trap. The main reason people set goals for the new year is to make their lives better. So I will do that, but I'll try it a different way. Instead of blocking out the bad, I will bring in more of the good. I will do more of the things that I love doing and I will focus on really having a 'Happy New Year'. :) 

This year, I will try to...
  • Read a lot more
  • Write/ play more music
  • Spend less money on day to day things (food, living costs) and more on presents and time with friends
  • Open the windows more often
  • Take more photos, capture more memories
  • Spend time on trying to make my blog a success
  • Light more candles
  • Sing at every opportunity
And what a year it will be. :) 


  1. Hey, nice blog! I found this on Yahoo! Answers. I answered your question, you're Book Nerd ♥ Song Bird, right?

    Anyways, I really like the way you organized your pictures from January (that picture scared me) to December. That was well organized.

    Hey, I hope you check out my blog. It sucks.

  2. Hello, Orla!

    Thank you so much for the sweet comment on my blog. I always love comments from new readers, and really appreciate when they take the time to leave one. ;)

    May the Lord bless you during this new year!
    come stop for tea @

  3. Thank you oh so much for those amazingly sweet comments on my blog! It means the world to me that you stopped by, and I've got to say the nursing ambition of your is really impressive! And I'm in utter jealousy of you going to Taylor's concert! I need to get to one!
    Sending you love and thanks!


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