Tuesday, 10 January 2012

January Love

Christmas has passed, and we are all slowly falling back into a routine. But I must admit that I say this with a hint of satisfaction. Now that I have left my school days behind and I've started college, I really love my routine. It was nice to get back to G-Town and start nursing again. Now, how about a good old love list? This January, I can't help but love...

1. My beautiful guitar. Her name is Harper, and together we make music and forget the rest of the world. 

2. Hot chocolate with the Laura & Kate. The 3 of us have been meeting for hot chocolate in the same little café in our hometown for 3 years now. And last year it became an important ritual for us to blow off steam as we studied for the dreaded Leaving Cert (horrible exams). This year, we're in college. Kate and I are together in the city, but we've been torn away from our 3rd Musketeer, Laura. But we have kept up our tradition, and *almost* every Friday when we come home from college, we meet in our little café for hot chocolate and a chat. And I have to say, it has become quite therapeutic. This is Laura. :)

3. Walking with my iPod. I spend most of my college days walking. Walking from the apartment to college to town to the hospital to the supermarket to the apartment, etc etc. And everywhere I walk, I have my trusted iPod to keep me company and to provide a feel-good soundtrack to my rainy/ windy walks (I live in Ireland!). 

4. Escaping to the world of books. Sometimes my life gets too busy, and I have to miss out on reading to make time for my music instead. But since our little trip to Kerry, I have reconnected with my books. Currently reading: Madeleine by Kate McCann

5. Nursing. I'm back in the hospital, and I'm enjoying every precious moment of it before my placement comes to an end. I'm getting to know and care for every patient, and I'm trying to soak up as much knowledge as I can from every experience. The immense pleasure I get from taking care of these people is just indescribable. I know that this is what I will spend my life doing, and I couldn't be happier. :)


  1. love the blog design! also i followed you

    -olivia @ Country Snowflake-

  2. Hullo beautiful(:

    Ohhh we ARE kindred spirits!! Especially if you're narnian. Why have I come to this conclusion from just one post? Ill tell you:

    1. You like taylor swift. You told me so on my blog: star-someday.blogspot.com

    2. You named you guitar!! mine's name is Taylor, call me original :p.. but she inspired me to play and write music, and its wishful thinking (I want a Taylor guitar!!)

    3. You illuded to writing music: so do I!! I'm an aspiring singer/songwriter (well, not really aspiring, I sing and write music, but no one knows about me... YET)

    4. You love books. I have a personal rule: if you love books, I LOVE YOU. Period.

    5. You're irish! And you live in IRELAND!!! You don't have THE slightest idea how luckyyy you are!! I'm Irish as well, but I can only dream of living there :/.... well I'm irish/english.. so AS SOON as I graduate from high school I'm moving to the uk. Either england or ireland. I'm not sure yet, because I have a bunch of english friends (and well, I might just possibly love an english boy hahaha :p).. But I want my kids to grow up in ireland... idk.

    5. You like my username. Idk why you do, its just my name, but that's cool (:....

    6. You named your blog "escape to vanilla". That is seriously cool B)

    Anyway, that's why I think you're awesome (:..

    Wanna be friends?(: even if you don't, ill still think ur awesome (:

    Stay awesome and have a lovely day!!! XD



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