Tuesday, 27 December 2011

2011 In Photos

I've been spending some time thinking of how best to capture all that has happened this year... And well.. I just can't! So I will try this idea to wrap up 2011. I found it over here. One photo for every month this year. :)

Surgery in January

February: Babysitting as usual, one of my favourite past times. :) 

Taylor Swift concert in March

April: Lots of walks to relieve exam stress!

May: Goodbye cards & letters from teachers (and their kids!)

June: Little cousins in big shoes (Alice & Eleanor)

July: My best friend Laura's Birthday (but she is too camera shy to allow a photo on the internet...for now!)

August: Graduation & Exam Results

Moving to college in September

October: Dressing as a nerd for Halloween!

November: Lots of new college friends (and please excuse my wet hair, pyjamas and 3D glasses haha)

December: Seeing family at Christmas time (Little cousin, Holly)

So there is my year in photos. :) Anyone wish to join me? Post a link for your blog, and I will check it out. :) 


  1. Your blog is so cute. Loved the pic of your cousins in heels... ADORABLE <3

  2. @Anonymous: Oh thank you so much. :) That just made my night!


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