Saturday, 21 January 2012

Vanilla Song

I did it. I uploaded a video to Youtube. Eeek! Here it is:

And of course, Mildred is Kate! Tell me what you think. I am so nervous... 

Day 3. A photo of the house you grew up in. 

This was my childhood home. It's not the prettiest, but to me it was a castle. And if you look at it straight down, it's in the shape of a 'H' for Harrington. Not purposely, but I thought it was meant to be. It was the house we had most of our adventures in. We used to ride bikes all the way around the house in a circle. We learned to roller-blade on the tarmac. We used to swing on the gate and feel the rush of adrenaline as if it was the world's greatest roller-coaster. And then when it got dark, we'd go inside, Dad would lock the doors, and we'd feel like nothing could ever get in to hurt us. Sometimes Conor (my brother) and I would stick our heads out of that skylight and pretend we were on a pirate's ship that no one could attack. I love that house. :) 

Day 4. A photo of your life a year ago. 

Studying for the Leaving Cert (final exams to get into college). Oh, the joys! This was typical of me. Lunch dishes on my locker, diaries underneath on the shelf, history notes on my bed, pencil case, laptop with exams tips, notes and random papers on the floor, overflowing school bag... My life consisted of school, study, homework, study, trying to squeeze in meal times and normal things like showers, and running on no sleep. Fun! But it was all worth it looking back, because here I am now, in college, having the time of my life. :) 


  1. I'm scared. Should I be doing that ?

  2. Nooo Mary, not yet! You have loads of time! That picture wasn't exactly a year ago, it was actually in April, the end of April at that! :)


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