Friday, 27 January 2012

Dear Friday

Dear Kina Grannis, I am incredibly excited about going to see in you less than a week! Your music is simply fantastic. You are an inspiration. We need to get our thinking caps on and come up with a way of getting you to notice us.. We will most likely be the annoying fans!

Dear Chocolate, I missed you dearly. I thought I could go without you for a whole month, but I guess I misunderstood the importance of having you in my life. I don't regret our premature reunion- I think it brought us closer together as a couple.

Dear Clodagh and Bria, I doubt you will read this, but maybe one day you will and it will make you smile. :) I am so glad we met you this year! Kate and I love college regardless, but you make it so much more fun. And I know we will be friends for a very long time. :)

Dear Enid Blyton, I am in awe. Kate found a DVD all about you! My childhood simply would not have been the same without your books. I learned to read with The Teddy Bear's Tail, and my sense of adventure was inspired by The Famous Five. The Faraway Tree showed me that books really can bring you to a different time and place if you let them, and The Secret Seven was the foundation for my very own club at the age of 6- The Pancake Team. I cannot wait to watch the DVD and find out more about the creator of my childhood.

Dear Minnie, I miss my little hot water bottle when I'm away at college during the week. I love how you don't get mad at me for leaving you, and you always end up back curled up at my feet when I come home. :)

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