Saturday, 14 January 2012

18 Before 18

I was just doing my regular creeping on other people's lovely blogs, and I found Hannah. I'm going to copy one of her ideas. I will be turning 18 on 16th February. That doesn't leave me a lot of time, and I know it will be a tight squeeze to get all of this done, but I am pledging to complete all of the tasks on this list before my 18th birthday. Wish me luck! 

18 Before 18
1. Read 3 books
2. Stick a note to the bottom of someone's shoe
3. Try 5 new foods
4. Have photos taken in a photo booth
5. Complete 18 random acts of kindness
6. Surprise someone with an unexpected gift
7. Write a thank you note for someone who won't expect it
8. Put a video on Youtube
10. Have 20 followers on my blog
11. Write a letter to my future children
12. Complete the '30 Days of Pictures' project (which I will explain in my next post)
13. Learn to wrap the entire Fresh Prince theme tune (I might even provide video evidence)
14. Write a Time Capsule entry in my diary
15. See how many marshmallows I can fit in my mouth
16. Write a letter of support to Kate & Gerry McCann
17. Write a list of what I have learned in 18 years
18. And this one hurts me... Go without chocolate until my birthday. Eeek! I can be strong.

So, there's my list. They're not major goals or anything as I only have a month to complete them all. But I think they could be fun. :) 


  1. Don't be afraid to break number 18 if it makes you happy!! Good luck and great idea, i'm 18 this year.. you've given me inspiration!

  2. They should make a romantic comedy movie out of your list(: But anyway, I love your blog! Please check mine out and maybe we can follow each other? (:

  3. And I will post back here if you DO eat Chocolate - lots of love Orla's Mam!

  4. Oh, lucky you! I am still 16, I can't eait till my 18th Birthday wooh!


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