Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Musical Endeavours

Hello :)

So, you guys know I love my music, right? I mean, I love it almost as much as I love babies and nursing... Yeah, that much!

So, this past January my friends convinced me to start a YouTube channel. I mostly play covers of songs I like, and I've posted one of my originals too. And a few goofy videos as well, of course- I mean it wouldn't be my YouTube channel if it was free from all dorkiness. 

It's just a bit of fun really, and Kate (also known as 'Mildred' in the videos) and I have great fun making the videos! All these pictures are freeze-frames from the videos, by the way. :) And I have to say, I feel pretty weird posting photo after photo of myself... Hmm.

So, why am I posting this here? Well, my lovely friends, I have a favour to ask. Dun dun dun... Feel free to press the esc key now haha :) I would really love it if you could go to my YouTube channel and show your support- I'm feeling pretty lonely over there without you guys. Maybe you could subscribe to my channel, rate my videos, or leave a comment or two? It would make me so happy if you could do that. :) Here's one of my recent videos: 

Of course, you can tell me that I'm very cheeky for asking, or you can ignore this post completely! But I know that I can count on a few of you at least to wander over to YouTube and let me know what you think. :) Thank you everyone! And of course if I can do anything for you in return, you know you can always ask! 

Love always, 
Orla x


  1. You have an amazing voice, LOVE IT!

  2. You're AMAZING! I wish I could sing and play guitar!

  3. hee nice song. I can tell you enjoy singing and very upbeat. Well. you can sing. I can't say that for some of my friends who don't seem to realize they are a bit tone deaf, which you are definitely not. keep doing what you like, you have talent

  4. Of course, I'll try and check it out! Great video, I love your voice! :) If you love music check out Switchfoot (my favourite band - the lyrics are incredible, in fact the tunes are too! All of it! - haha, you can see I'm a fan ;)

    Gina X

  5. You have such a pretty voice!!!! I don't have a youtube, or I'd like all of them for you!!!!!

  6. PS. You now have me hooked on the song Gold Rush ;) Again, you're so talented!

  7. great voice orla! already subscribed in youtube. :D

  8. Oh thank you so much everyone :) You are what really makes me enjoy blogging, I have made such great friends here. :)


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