Sunday, 27 May 2012

Go Say Hello

I have 'met' some wonderful people since starting Escape to Vanilla last November (if you are a follower of mine, you are most certainly included!). So I want to take a moment to highlight a few of you. Chosen at random, here are some pretty awesome girls, and I think you should check them out. :)

Gina's words are so carefully planned, so full of thought, that I always come away from her blog with something to think about. She writes in a style that is mellow and sweet, and every idea is accompanied by an equally thought out photo. Her blog is perfection. :) 

Ronida is one of my fellow nurse-bloggers, we are a rare species! She is energetic, sweet and oh so bubbly. Her posts just ooze personality and fun, they are quite addictive. She writes about everything and anything, and it is always interesting and witty. :) 

Suzanne is knowledgeable, sarcastic, funny and creative all at the same time! I enjoy her writing style immensely. She makes me giggle with every post, and she tends to stay away from the 'typical' blogging topics, which I love. One thing I don't like about her blog? She only has 6 followers- it is unacceptable. So go to her page, and follow! ;) 

I think I'll leave it at 3 for this post, I might do this again. :) 

Have a happy Sunday, 
Orla x


  1. Oh thank you so much Orla!! :) This has made me VERY happy, can't stop smiling now!

    Gina X

  2. I feel immensely honoured -- thank you so much! Haha, but this also means I have to get my posting pants on and do some writing... :) Thanks again -- you're a champ!

  3. You are most welcome, girlies :) You deserve some recognition!


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