Sunday, 26 February 2012

This Week

This week was endless cups of sweet tea and lovely chats with wonderful friends.

This week was being dorky in public. Practicing our British accents, playing in shopping trolleys, skipping and being pirates. Why ever not? 

This week we had flowers on the table. Red carnations. A little pop of energy and fun, one of the simplest of pleasures. 

This week was celebrating birthdays. Shout-outs to Mam, David, Eva, Emilia, Niamh and Jane. I hope your birthdays were positively wonderful! 

This week was trying very hard to promote my blog and Youtube account, and being over the moon with every new comment, subscription and view! You are wonderful for reading this, and when I see your one extra view in my stats I will instantly want to hug you. :) 

Love always,

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