Saturday, 18 February 2012

Tagged? Who, me?

Hello there. :) So I have been tagged by this lovely girly to do a post called "11 Odds, 11 Questions, 11Answers". How sweet is that? I'm pretty chuffed, I have to say. It has made me this excited...

And this happy :)

So, what do I have to do? Here are the rules... 

1) Post these rules
2) Post 11 random things about yourself
3) Answer the questions the tagger set for you
4) Create 11 new questions
5) Tag new people

~I dunk every kind of biscuit in tea, and I am the master biscuit-dunker, I never drop any of it into the tea.
~I hate photos of me with my hair up, I think I look like a man. 
~I can't watch TV without having something else to occupy myself, I am too fidgety. I normally have my laptop (right now I'm watching Ellen). 
~Sometimes when I'm stressed or I have too much pent up energy, I like to dance around my kitchen screaming silly songs in a British accent. 
~My fingers are double jointed, and constantly look like they are broken. 
~I worry that people think I have split personalities because I can either be very mature, sensible and sentimental, or very silly, dorky and weird...
~I can cross my eyes and roll my tongue, but all I really want to do is wiggle my ears.
~I live off praise from others. One nice comment can leave me feeling elated for days. :)
~I have an unexplained obsession with names. For no reason. I just love them.
~I cannot dance. I look like a meerkat mixed with a piglet, both of which are lovely animals, but let's face the fact that they cannot dance. 
~I secretly wish that I lived in America, in the South at the time of Gone With The Wind, when boyfriends were called 'beaus' and corsets were all the rage. 

11 Questions

One. My favourite celebrity... Well, at the moment I am caught between 2. Taylor Swift and Kina Grannis. 

Two. Favourite Android/iPhone app? I don't have either. I think I saw someone with a bubble-popping game, that looked fun! But then maybe that's not an app... I am so bad with technology.

Three. My full name- Orla Bríd Patricia Harrington. Very Irish. Bríd is pronounced 'breed'.

Four. My favourite thing to do. This is going to sound incredibly cheesy and fake, but I am being 100% honest. My absolute favourite thing to do in the entire world is to help people, to be loving and caring. That's why I chose nursing as my career. In a way, you could say it's selfish. I do it for the buzz I get from it, I love having people depend on me, and I love the feeling of people appreciating what I do. Well that's my silly answer, I'm kind of embarrassed now. 

Five. Savoury or sweet? Sweet, most definitely. 

Six. Favourite scent. I love, love, love the smell of vanilla. I love everything vanilla! Hence the blog title Escape to Vanilla. 

Seven. What makes me feel beautiful and sexy... When guys actually respect me. I love when I meet guys at clubs that talk to me, get to know me, and don't instantly try to put their hands in places they shouldn't be. When a guy respects me, it makes me feel classy, elegant and sexy. 

Eight. Favourite Starbucks drink. I'm a student, I can't afford Starbucks! But... I love mochas. 

Nine. AT&T or Verizon? I had to google.. I saw technology, and I clicked 'x' to save my head from hurting, so I have no idea which I would choose.

Ten. What gives me that feeling? What feeling, Hannah? I'm going to go with a feeling of... overwhelming happiness. The feeling that makes your heart flutter, that makes your tummy do flips and you are so happy that you almost can't stand it. How about that for a feeling? I get this feeling when I see babies and children. Thinking about someday having my own children makes me so happy that it hurts. I long for the day when I will be able to love my own babies. :) Yes, I am a weird teenager. You didn't know that? 

Eleven. Favourite word. Serendipity. Finding something positively lovely while searching for something else. Doesn't it make you happy? :) 

Who to tag, who to tag... Well Hannah already tagged a few I would have tagged, so I will choose different people. :) 

And the newest follower of my little blog, Jess Leigh

Here are your questions. 
{1} Describe yourself in 5 words.
{2} Favourite colour combination?
{3} What would be your favourite part of having a relationship?
{4} Do you walk around home in your bare feet?
{5} Biggest pet peeve?
{6} Is there a phase you went through in your younger teen years that you now regret? (Eg. Saying a word too much, txtin lyk dis, wearing neon colours)
{7} What would you name a boy? And a girl?
{8} What is your worst habit? 
{9} Soup or salad?
{10} Where are you right now while answering these questions? Describe your surroundings. 
{11} What was the nicest thing anyone has ever said to you/ done for you?

I do apologize if that was boring to read... Maybe I can make it up to you with this? 

No? Maybe next time... 


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  1. Yayyyy!!!!! I love this post!! And yes, that's the feeling I was talking about (:... Hey I'm gonna be weird and answer ur questions even though u didn't tag me haha just cuz I love Ur questions!!!!!! Anyways, heart u babe....



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