Thursday, 15 December 2011

Wanna Hear A Secret?

*Photo heavy*

I've been debating in my mind how long I should leave it before unveiling my weirdness to the internet. Well, I can't hide it for much longer, so today is the day, you lucky folk! A few things you should know...
  1. I am not quite normal. 
  2. Neither are my friends. And...
  3. College life is much more fun when you do it our way. 

No, there is no explanation for the shower poufs on our heads.  

Kate and I have been friends for 7 years. And when people found out that we were going to college together... Well, 'worried' is a slight understatement. But, much to their amazement, we are still alive, and among the new friends we have made, we actually managed to find people as strange as us...



Clodagh (Clo-dah)


 Ciannait (Kee-nyth)

Since October we have been having a sort of 'Prank War' with these girls. It started with the pumpkin.

This is Korla Pumpkin (Kate + Orla), wonderfully crafted by Clodagh & Bria. So, after debating between many fruit and veg (including a butternut squash and a coconut), we brought a melon into the equation.

And this is Cliaboa (Leeanne, Bria, Clodagh and Ciannait can be quite a mouthful). Cliaboa was accompanied by these eggs, and each of the six represent one of us. 

(Leeanne, Ciannait, Kate, Bria, Orla, Clodagh)

So, one evening after that Kate and I were curled up on the couches in the apartment watching How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days, and the doorbell rang. So, tea in hand, we answered the door to...

Agnes the Robot! 

It was our turn, and it would take something amazing to beat the robot! So one cold morning at 06:30am before I headed to the hospital, Kate and I decided to break into their bathroom. But they are clever girlies, and had guessed our plans - they had set up boobie traps in their bathroom and hallway, so we couldn't get in without waking them up. So we left without making a sound, and came back that evening, and Ciannait let us in. And we did this: 

The best part was hiding behind those curtains in the dark for an hour waiting for them to come home. We are very easily amused! And when they finally arrived, we waited for at least 10 minutes til they calmed down, and then jumped out and screamed at them. Poor things! But we definitely beat the robot. ;) What else have we done... Oh, Kate made this puppet: 


Kate cradled him for hours before we hung him up outside their door and rang the doorbell. She got some very strange looks. 


Phew, I feel better now. It's all out there for anyone to see- I am not as normal as I appear to be at first! But it is so much fun to do it this way. :) 

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