Saturday, 12 November 2011

So Many Beautiful Reasons I Have To Be Happy

From Song: 'Happy' by Natasha Bedingfield

Wow, starting a blog is harder than I thought! I'm not sure how to really begin, or how to get my personality across. I guess I'll start with a few random things that are guaranteed to make me smile... They're not your average smile-worthy things, but I think they depict a little bit of my dorkier side! 

  • Sitting down to watch TV just as a show I love starts
  • Coming up with a new outfit out of clothes I already own (has to be done when you can't afford new clothes haha!)
  • When it stops raining just before you have to get out of the car
  • Reading something on my own and laughing out loud- awkward!
  • Hearing a great song again that I haven't heard in a while
  • Dangling my feet in water
  • Really really embarrassing moments with the girls that we laugh about for months after!
  • Sleeping in clean bed linen with just shaved legs
  • Being early for anything
  • Ice cold coke
  • Taking a price tag off in one clean peel
  • When people remember details about you that you wouldn't expect them to
  • A really good daydream
  • Stepping on frozen puddles
  • Watching a movie I love, and realising half way through that I don't remember how it ends
  • The smell of wet paint
  • Reeeally bad weather- yes, I love it!
  • Waking up in the middle of the night and being able to roll over and sleep some more
  • Watching babies dreaming, their eyes fluttering, and their facial expressions changing
  • Funny or clever TV ads
  • Dropping an empty glass, cringing, then realizing it didn't break- I'm becoming quite talented at 'bouncing' glasses by accident!
  • Getting texts with words spelled correctly
  • When it seems like the lyrics of a song were written just for me
  • Involuntarily laughing or smiling at the thought of a good memory
  • Good manners
  • When you're not too full to have dessert in a restaurant
  • Crossing things off on a To-Do list
  • People sneezing at really awkward moments
  • Icicles
  • The sound of typing really fast on an old keyboard
  • Turning the pillow over when it gets too warm at night
  • Hiccups- mine are especially dramatic and embarrassing!
  • Songs that give me a lump in my throat
  • Setting off an automatic hand dryer by accident and scaring the crap out of yourself! When you're on your own with strangers staring at you and trying not to laugh, it's 10 times funnier.
  • Getting a creepy crawly out the window without having to kill it
  • The smell of new books
  • The smell of old books
  • When strangers ask you to take their photo
  • Cold chinese food
  • The feeling of the plane jumping off the runway
  • Hugs when you really need them. :) 
I have this list in my diary, and I have been adding to it for a few months. It just keeps growing. :)

(My puppy, Dot, playing in the snow)

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  1. Yay! Dance! Everybody dance! :D
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