Saturday, 9 June 2012

This Week

I've been sitting in a tiny café, watching the world go by over the rim of my coffee mug.

I've been baking cookies with Zachary, the 5 year old master chef. And we may have eaten more of the batter raw than cooked... 

I've been to the top of the CN Tower. Toronto is even more enchanting at night. And don't you laugh  at my farmer's tan line.

I've been singing Hey Diddle Diddle and Old McDonald quite a lot. 

I've been really trying to get into sushi. The mom of the family I'm working for lived in Japan for 2 years, so she's a sushi expert with very interesting stories. 

I've been loving this song and this girl so very much. 

And I have been loving you very much also. :) This week I hit 100 followers, and made a very embarrassing and awkward video to thank you all 'in person', which you can find in my previous post. You have all made me SO happy. I've always thought my blog was kind of boring and without a direction. But to have 107 followers and counting is overwhelmingly awesome. If I could hug all 107 of you right now, I definitely would! But... I don't think you would all fit in my tiny bedroom. Sigh. Seriously though, thank you. :) 

Sending you love, 
Orla x


  1. Great pictures!!

    (Come visit me?)

  2. Yum, cookies! And I like eating it raw too! :) Congrats on the 109 followers!

  3. Now you have one more follower :)

    And you have some awards waiting for you on my blog too :)

  4. And another follower! Those cookies look good. Wish I could jump through cyberspace and get one!


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