Wednesday, 27 June 2012

In the Darkness

Sometimes I like to turn out all the lights, close the curtains and crawl under my duvet so that I'm in complete darkness. Then I stick in my earphones and drown out the silence with music. It is the best way to really hear a song, I find. I'm in my own little world, nothing else can get my attention. All I can focus on is sound.

Sometimes I lie like that for hours in the darkness, letting the music envelope me. It creeps right into my heart and my mind. I listen to the stories of the musicians, I take in every word. And through the melody, I really feel the intensity of their emotions. Sometimes, I even cry. And you should keep that part a secret. ;)

Sometimes I blame music for my enthusiasm for life, because I feel like I am learning and experiencing so many different things just lying in my bed listening to these songs.

Sometimes I blame music for my insomnia.


  1. Amazing!! :)
    I love listening to music when I just need to go into my own little world!

  2. Yeah, it's nice to listen to music when you 'turn off' your other senses. That's why sometimes I close my eyes so I can really 'soak up the sun.' :) Btw, I love the pictures you use in your posts, they're so vibrant and fun!


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