Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Sweet Memories

It's fascinating how a specific taste can take you back to one moment in time that you had long since forgotten. 

I was 7 years old when we moved to America for a year. That was where I experienced the taste of Tootsie Roll for the first time, and I haven't had that taste since then. Last week I was offered a small piece of Tootsie Roll. And as soon as I put it in my mouth, so many memories came flooding back. It was nice. :)

I remembered the summer that I read every single Nancy Drew book. They scared me so much that I couldn't even go to the bathroom alone, but I was hooked. 

I remembered the only Christmas we ever spent without our extended family. And I remembered how we celebrated Christmas all over again with them in February when we returned home. :) 

I remembered my own experience of 9/11, and how at that age I had no idea how serious it was. Or how close we were to it. 

I remembered other foods we used to eat that we couldn't get when we returned home to Ireland. 

My obsession with Mary Kate and Ashley. 

Attending an American elementary school.

Starting my collection of Beanie Babies.

Yes, the sense of taste is an incredible thing. I was able to take a wonderful trip down memory lane all because of one little piece of Tootsie Roll.

Love always,


  1. Just found your comment on one of my blog posts and decided to come by and check yours out. Loving it so far :) we definitely have similar interests. I loved Mary Kate and Ashley, I actually watched their film It Takes Two last night! Also love Tootsie Rolls and all american candy. Definitely going to enjoy reading your posts so you're getting a follow!

  2. A wonderful and sweet post this was! I love Tootsie Rolls too! YUMMY
    In picture #5, you look the same as you do now! teehee

  3. This is such a lovely post :) I love when you do or taste something and it brings back a good memory

    Tanesha x

  4. You are very cute! I am really amaze with your hair color.
    You're like the Weasleys in Harry Potter. <3


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