Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Overheard in Toronto

Wanna peek into my diary again? It won't be as sweet as last time, I'm sorry. Background: I spent the summer in Toronto working, and did all of my sight-seeing alone. So I had a lot of time to people watch (or eavesdrop, your call). And I heard some pretty funny/ interesting things along the way which I jotted down into my journal. Here are my favourites :)


1. Little boy: "Pa, you smell like a traffic light"

2. One teen guy to another: "I've figured it out though. You can wear like jeans and a t-shirt, and if you wear nice shoes people will be like 'Oh, you look nice!' It's crazy!"

3. One teen girl going up an escalator, the other going down. First girl shouts "Hey, where did you get your skirt? I love it!" Second girl: "Oh! Garage!" and walks away beaming :)

4. Kid looking in a big fish tank: "Are these fish real, or are they dead?"


5. Son: "Daddy, how did he get in here?" 
Dad: "It's so hot that even the birds are taking the subway."

6. One rich teen girl to another: "What is grit?" "Oh, it's like bad risotto."

7. Mom to son: "I love you too, kiddo. I love you all the way to Africa and through all the safaris and into another universe."

8. Teen girl: "But I honestly think that I'm a really interesting person and that everyone wants to come talk to me."

9. One woman to another: "So wait, you don't have decent bookstores but you have spas where fish eat your feet??" 

10. 2 kids, boy and girl about 12, talking about pigeons. "In pigeon world, I think he's daaaaamn!"...."No, I think he's probably oh heellllll no!"

11. Guy, early 20s: "Yeah I shaved my back and glued it to my face."

Well there you have it, a glimpse into the minds of strangers. Some made me laugh so hard, others made me smile. Also, just as a sort of disclaimer- none of the people in the photos are connected to these quotes. 

All for now :) 



  1. Haha these made me smile! My favourites are the traffic light one and the i love you all the way to africa one. Brilliant post Orla.

  2. That's so fun! I love these posts! I love the escalator one! That's the kind of thing I do... I'm so glad to have you blogging again!

  3. Haha, very interesting and quite random quotes! And nice pictures! :)


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