Saturday, 29 September 2012

hi :) i want to tell you...

i want to tell you that...
i have lost my words
i no longer know what to blog about, and i hate that
i used to have a million ideas for blogging in my head, but now... nada
i love creativity, i thrive on it. i have this blog, i have my YouTube, my music, my poetry, i like to act, i like to make pretty things, and i like to share my ideas with you all
but i think i have been trying to be creative in too many ways, as well as keeping up with university and... life.
and it's my blog that has been neglected the most
i put so much work into it for months and months, and now i have left it all alone

why am i posting this nonsense? i hate posts like this
i'm posting it to show my embarrassment, and to embarrass myself further
hopefully this will give me the push i need to get back on track here, because i miss it a lot

i miss you guys, i miss your sweet comments and i miss reading your blogs too
i hope to come back, i hope to make time

for now, i will leave you with this video to show you i have not left the internet world entirely, and if you would like to join me over on YouTube, i would really love that :)

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  1. oh hunny I know Exactly what you mean. I did that with my blog this past week were only human, looking forward to read more of your posts!



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