Sunday, 22 April 2012

Hello, Old Friend!

Oh little blog, how I have missed thee. I know, I know, I deserve a good scolding for having neglected you so. I address you, my dear blog, as I doubt I have any actual readers left after leaving you for a month... If, by any chance, I have a reader or two left, then hello there! I have missed you very much. :) I always cringe when I see people posting about how they haven't posted in so long and I swore I would never do the same, because it is quite frankly... boring. And here I am, doing exactly that. Sigh.

A few buzz words to explain my prolonged absence? (Not that it will make a very interesting read) Exams, study, bleugh, job-hunting, success, goodbyes, going to CANADA! Yaaay. :) Happy dancing all around. Yes, I am off to Canada on May 5th to be an au pair (nanny) for three beautiful little boys for 4 months, I am so excited! :) I just have to finish my exams first. Booo.

Now, I apologise for this yucky boring post, it's just I like things to be in some sort of organised order, so I felt I had to write an explanation before I burst right into nice posts after a gap of 22 days. Well it makes sense in my head. Now, I will leave you with this llama, and get back to studying. And I  promise, I will have more posts from now on.

Thank you for understanding, dear blog!

Love always,


  1. Yay! You're back! I have been impatiently waiting :) And amazing, I'm going to Rome on May 7th. Let's hear it for us adventurers!
    I can't wait for more posts! <3

  2. Oh yay! I can always count on you girls, thank you for not abandoning me. :) True to my word, I have a few posts written and scheduled for this week, stay tuned! Hope you guys are well. :)

    Orla x

  3. Yay! I anxiously await your next post!


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