Saturday, 24 March 2012

10 Signs That I'm Growing Up

{1} My friends and I sometimes have to google phrases that younger people use because we are so out of the loop that we don't know what they mean. Things like 'totes awky mo-mo' (which apparently means 'totally awkward moment') and  'so weak in life' ('This is so funny!') aren't phrases we are 'young' enough to understand...

{2} I have to worry about things like paying the deposit for my apartment, and where I can buy the cheapest milk. Imagine!

{3} My dreams are finally coming true. I'm working as a nurse. :)

{4} Adult conversations no longer bore me. I don't know when this transition happened, but I now get a thrill from hearing about shopping for new curtains or certain current affairs. Huh??

{5} My friends and I recently went to Paris. All by ourselves. No adult supervision- we were the adults. What is going on?!

{6} Having friends over and just chatting over a cup of tea is one of my favourite past-times. :)

{7} I get such a kick out of learning new things. I want to go to lectures, and I love hearing what my friends are learning in their courses too.

{8} We are so excited about buying flowers and cushions for our apartment next year. And we talk about how we will organise cleaning and grocery shopping.

{9} I actually like the taste of wine.

{10} Having children is no longer way in the future. 2 of my close friends are already mothers. And it's not very scary either. :)

Of course, I am not fully grown up and I doubt I ever will be! I still love all things Disney, my friends and I still skip around in public, and we go crazy for playgrounds haha. :) But I'm not afraid to grow up a little either. It's exciting. :) 


  1. Love this post! This summer, my friends and I are also going on our first ever holiday without adult supervision- scary stuff! :)

  2. Love this post! This summer, my friends and I are also going on our first ever holiday without adult supervision- scary stuff! :)

  3. I love this! It's true, it can be a bit scary for things to change and to grow up but it is still a fun experience :)

  4. Awesome post :) And glad to hear that there are people out there a little older than me who still love disney, because I doubt i'll ever stop! ;P X

  5. Everyone grows up!

  6. This is so sweet! It must be wonderful knowing that you're growing up, and becoming smarter, and being able to do things you've wanted to do for a while

  7. love the list! some of these are so true! thanks for coming by my blog and leaving a lovely comment behind! ^-^

  8. Congratulations on your job! I'm sure you'll be a great nurse. If you don't mind, what's the name of the hospital/institution you're working at? Chatting with friends is my fave past time too, and going to Paris with friends and without the parentals, wow you're growing old! lol

    Anyway, I've just awarded you The Versatile Award. Congrats! :)

  9. Thank you so much everyone! I haven't been online a lot this week, but I read all of your comments on my phone. :)

    Cherry- Oh my goodness, WOW! I can't believe this, thank you so so much. :) I will address this properly with a post.

    As for the hospital, I'm working in Galway Regional Hospital for the moment (Ireland), but I didn't mean as a job- it's just placement for my college course, but thank you. :) I really really love it! It's tough to nurse and study simultaneously though.

  10. great post! my fave is number 5..travelling with friends only!yehey! so much fun activity for a grown up!


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